A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 got a flappy bird silver medal on my first day (23 pipes)
 quiet around here lately .. been busy building brand new drupal website .. not art but content art
 just submitted a US patent for a 3-D printed butthole
 its been a while since you listened to SONIC YOUTH. Play now? (This is what the machine is asking me) Yes, I say back to it. Nothing happens.
 steve or steven read likes football
 my light gray baywatch t-shirt is extremely sweaty right now
 serving up fresh raw material is central to my website practice going back to the 1990s .. unfortunately there are clever mimics like the artist cory arcangel .. who silently dip into this obscure material a bit too freely .. with no apparent consequence
 how many times do i gotta say it? OWN YOUR OWN DATA