A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 dasabate.com registration success!
 if you are reading this and you are drunk then please leave a drunken comment
 i need a new content type
 reinvent yourself. daily.
 never use the theremin on more than one song
 this week i increased all my websites fonts by 1 pixel .. what do you think of this major change in direction? bigger smaller less more good bad ugly meh wow
 i've come to love the often heard phrase "it's kind of a big deal"
 holy shit this fucking website stevenread.com is now live and fully drupal 7 and clean as a motherfucker dear god what a pain in the damn ass! full writeup about this horrific ~200 hour upgrade project coming soon to a drupal ghetto near you
 hurriedly trying to finish a lengthy drupal 6->7 upgrade .. having some perfomance issues .. drupal 7 is slow .. added a new caching mechanism .. almost there folks
 this is a test #true