A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 i have been using sass and compass in a drupal theming project .. thumbs up .. like they always say "this technology is like ______ technology on steroids" .. goodbye CSS hello SCSS! just hope i don't get drug tested
 i want to grease something with some sort of grease
 i am in fish oil withdrawal .. need major fish oils .. help. neeeeeed them fucking omega threes and sixes. that cold water goodness
 every time i tell someone that i have wigs which are sometimes utilized while playing drums due to being bored of the bald drummer look .. their first instinct is to ask .. do u have the wigs displayed in your house on an assortment of styrofoam heads?
 most of my website visitors are hackers, robots, pirates, machines, hustlers, scripts, spiders .. they love me they adore me they want me through thick and thin these are my real fans
 my band was on the radio tonight
 new year's resolution .. get my digital ass into a physical art studio again. paint or something
 the crows are visiting today. got some good photos this time. its always around 3:50 when they come. i scared some when i went to the dining room window. now they'll be watching out for me