A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 the social media era .. dark dark times .. lets get it over with .. move on to something else please .. i can't survive here .. i am an individualist
 i heart my new apart ment filled with art and girl i heart
 i am in the middle of doing a bunch of things on the computer right now
 been working on the construction of a new content type .. the next logical "content art" step from these points that i have been posting here for nearly two years .. something more plastic that allows for exposition and action with my usual high/low tech
 a pigeon shit on my windshield i watched it happen
 git stash pop --most-awesome-command-line-experience-as-of-late
 yesterday was a big day for me but i cannot tell you why because these days too many people scour the internet searching for data to use against you
 facebook is buying instagram .. so glad that since october 2010 i have been "sharing" my photos right here at stevenread.com using drupal which is free software that facebook cannot purchase .. be somebody or be somebody's fool .. own your own data!
 photography and poetry .. the new new media