A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

Found Poem On Old Dell Laptop
 Found Poem On Old Dell Laptop
 the things you do online when you are not trying to make art .. often turns out to be the ideal online art .. as long as you point it out as such
 on most days i divide my body into quadrants (posterior anterior dorsal ventral) and wash my body with soaps of differing scents .. in case of a wolf pack or shark school attack this could fool them into thinking that they are up against 4 persons
 never take your search results for granted
 my eye is the museum, eye unto the world. my eye is the curator, the collector, the dealer, the critic, the scene. i need only my eye, a personal trainer. your eye is your eye
 years ago i went to the who concert. then i walked home.
 the bushman is dead. long live the bushman, even though i yelled at him when he bushed me good. i didn't give him no money. onlookers just laughed. i almost puked up fried shrimps. goodbye bushman
color t-shirt .. the myth of freedom
 color t-shirt .. the myth of freedom
 beauty trumps theory .. beauty trumps process .. at least in theory .. in process .. in practice the theory is ugly .. a beauty queen .. humps the fairy
 if you try to do something meaningful in your life, you may go bankrupt .. therefore banks may not be meaningful
 stevenre dot sh dot bomb ... dot chrrry pie network scam+gold is a trend this fall. RIGHT and backwards this ring in spring for the sake of McCoy Tyner's nephew. Even from there I can keep typing stuff to see what comes out and how many more characters I
 web content relationships .. just another form of collage
 pay extra for higher quality .. put the accountants out of business
 to deny variation in creativity is to deny the rhythm of life .. creative industries only allow for a slight, contrived degree of artistic variation .. unless of course your work is "about" variation .. why must creativity be packaged as fairy tale
 living in the past .. but a past that was good .. bitter for better or worse for less .. just trade it in
 to sort ascending or descending .. that is the question
 its not so easy,, to ROCK WORLDWIDE
 media don't need theory media don't want theory media is media is beans. medias dare you to doubt this theory so go media your meat head into oblivion take your theory and demand a refund media is cheap as media theory gold