A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 when i was 13 years of age the international consortium of athletic musicality finally awarded me the sixth and final chair of the jackson five .. it was then that i tattooed popeye onto my elbow and officially changed my name to steve or steven read
 this, symptomatic of my life up to this point
 each and every wave of technology artists probably believes that they have reinvented technology art
 you are being analyzed
 beelzebub wuz here بعل ألذباب בעל זבוב
 with every passing moment .. a new media art star is born
 lead a madman to a gatekeeper and bad things will happen
 give a madman a website cms and good things will happen
 belief and doubt in computing
 content art is not blog art not software art not internet art not information art nor new media art .. those are gated communities
 do not chase after new technology unless you like being its servant
 cassius clay caches cleared
 do birds even care?
 i am living inside of a plant right now there are xylems all around me speaking in tongues and i have befriended a worm named sam but he is busy today with nitrogen duty
 any and all attempts to professionalize technology art have resulted in failure .. just say no
 this is a story about a story about a horse named horse who drove his car into town every tuesday afternoon for rare beanie babies but one day horse ran into a gigantic gourd made of nylon and all the beanie babies fell out and horse said to them "nooooo"
 it is my website and i will cry if i want to
 "Chess is a complete waste of time." -Bob Barker's Wife