A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 are you not yet weary of creating things with the material of hype?
 type in your password to the rhythm of that song in your head
 mankind's fascination with technology begins with the banana
 on the phone with the irs .. on hold for like 40 minutes. the music is playing softly .. looping soothing piano melody going nowhere .. bongos. the nice lady speaks to me every now and then .. assuredly .. she calls me a customer .. then beep. disconnect
 the social media era .. dark dark times .. lets get it over with .. move on to something else please .. i can't survive here .. i am an individualist
 finally plugged into the fireman's phone jack and i heard... chinese trumpets in stereo, dogs barking in the background, then an old lady screaming about the cream cheese on her panty hose, some bleeps, and buzzards, with the occassional drip drippy sound
 do not take a photo graph unless it is absolutely necessary
 penetrate the social shell .. share the status of your shirt .. or sell shit .. down by the seashore
 still have a todo item on an ambitious list that suggests i should make art based on a scene where aliens in the far future are in a meeting contemplating a found version of john simon's "every icon" art software as it presently depicts a male human penis
 a contemplation of a word: glue
 wont someone sell me a noodle right now? why not. please. i need it. because i need to give the noodle a nap. so it wont break into pieces. four hundred of them. all over the place.
 smile! you're not on candid camera. ur on the internet
 had a dream where lee boyd malvo was hidden in his car trunk shooting pancake batter out of a highly modified gun aimed at leprechauns with leprosy who were dancing in circles around a giant catfish that had been hosed down with blue syrup
 this is a short poem which features opportunity lost
 not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult not diff i cult (3 over 4 rhythm is easy)
 how many times have you stuck the little power plug into the mobile phone hole? how does it make you feel?
 great scott free dome home alone ranger truck fuck this this this oh my god stop the bus please this is my stop