A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 objectivists hate my art .. conclusivists love it .. but if i theorize that my art is "about" such polarity then neutrality shall reign
 BOG :: vortex noise graph .. elimination of desire .. pure veal .. something to think about
 one of the benefits of having ozzy osbourne over for dinner is that he usually wont eat his salad but he gives a great explanation as to why
 In the past, art was measured using sticks. In the present, art is measured using brains. In the future, art will be measured using art.
 this is art about art about art about art and it deserves a write-up
 the rolls royce was invented in the spring by james joyce when he dropped his banana onto his shoe and kicked it out the window and it fell next to an old frozen baby diaper sitting on the sidewalk
 this may be nearly the least amount of effort required to create and distribute art
 there is nothing left to google anymore
 uncertainty is for certain. this is not funny. stop laughing. please. don't tell your mama.
 when u theorize yourself into a corner its proof that your theory probably sucked. theories need space too
 it takes twenty years to ruin a reputation and five minutes to build it
 washing a tub full of brown hippos is like scoring a few hands full of zippers but without the hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian strings or at least that is what my father always told me when he was a boy growing up in that dreary nabisco factory in leipzig
 wait a minute i'm don pardo. u always get to be don pardo.
 con ceptual integrity is a con game
 lost opportunity is a virtue
 sometimes my art is really terrible. please support my art.
 i got babylon blisters on my twinkies®
 yum dumb from some slum just told me that i am an idiot but what shut cut up mutt guts do they know anyways i mean really so silly .. afterwards i walked into some barber shop and he told me to cut it out and i told him that i wanted to marry his daughter