A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 America has got a squirrel problem
 and then john said .. praise the blackbird with broken wings all his life while waiting for moments to sing and live and be free in the dead of night .. so sayeth the bible i think in versus 23
 a big large bouncer man just mistook me for a journalist who he thought was covering the large big comeback of nerf
 oh no the stock market is crashing. oh no the economy is crashing. oh no the us dollar is crashing. oh no the rich are losing their money. oh no what do we do. oh no lets panic. oh no lets hoard. oh no lets spend. oh no lets kill. oh no lets love. oh no.
 a spider bites you and delays everything by 5 seconds causing an alligator to accidentally eat the laptop computer in the misty deep jungles of africa and suddenly people believe that 2 is greater than 3 and you fall in love with a mossy green battery
 #F9F9F9 is my background .. together we ask for nothing but a pause
 everyone is trying to skim a buck off artists .. seems like it should be the other way around
 i am trapped in a walter matthau marathon playing backwards endlessly no way out no way forward no escape key from bizarro world walter this is no way to live this is no life for me i want out sweet jesus eject this eject and set me free
 money talks, meta walks
 i grew up with the arpanet