A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 "Chess is a complete waste of time." -Muhammad Ali
 "Chess is a complete waste of time." -Julie Hagerty
 "Chess is a complete waste of time." -Carrot Top
 people should stop trying to go viral .. it is just stupid .. stop marketing yourself for gods sake
 interesting how the tech art world prizes youthfulness over maturity wheras the rest of the art world does the reverse
 the future of creativity must also have honesty at its core .. if we are to accept the idea that originality is dead then it is high time for connective accountability through a verbose formalized system of attribution
 go ahead and take this idea and change 10 or 20 % of it and then put your name on it whilst hiding the connection .. go ahead and do that and be proud of your endeavor because the system will probably reward you for your efforts however pathetic they are
 this information is already very much out of date
 abstraction was better before information became so cheap