A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 daemons are waking up in the middle of the night to warn me about errors in my paintings
 strip away the contrivances of your art and you may find a pocket watch deep inside .. if you yourself did not create the watch then you must strip away the contrivances of the watch and deep inside you may find the eye of a miniature camel
 metal is technology .. ruthless consumption .. advancement is key .. otherwise be doomed .. a wasteland of progress
 dumb down your work to satisfy dumb people
 a website is a good place for an artist to succeed and fail in public
 non-potato water? to drink or not to drink bee pee. useful to know this
 this poem refuses to believe in new lines .. dead beautiful formalities .. fill the space case with form field maximum .. delimit your brain with powerless function .. easily accomplished in the bathroom or whatever man .. fuck .. it is poem powned or 451
 i will take care of this data until i die .. i wouldn't be bothering you otherwise
 web data need love .. longterm > hyper blitz the social networks with prolific noise .. like ur 10 years old
 pancake picnic today. no crayons. hi ho. hi ho. its off to conjunction munchkin. the cars are made to jam. santa in birdcage. pee wee bambi whistle etc.