A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 I am Minnesota state fair. Yall would shit ur pants! I am due for a visit. Maybe Jan...? What u planned to do with the latest. I am Jesus's recording
 every time i tell someone that i have wigs which are sometimes utilized while playing drums due to being bored of the bald drummer look .. their first instinct is to ask .. do u have the wigs displayed in your house on an assortment of styrofoam heads?
 most of my website visitors are hackers, robots, pirates, machines, hustlers, scripts, spiders .. they love me they adore me they want me through thick and thin these are my real fans
 brian dennehy is not your uncle .. so just stop. pretend instead that if junior is your cousin then you will be free from transit authority persecution and grover the little blue puppet will owe you ten bucks
 in case you ever need to look this up again .. you'll find this here
 thumbnail -> documentation page -> creative concept -> life
 making a more simplified abstraction of something that is a simplified abstraction of something that is an abstraction of life, is weird. and basically what i feel i have been doing here lately designing new content art displays. how did it come to this
 i totally broke the toilet seat. one side cracked in half. now that side pinches your ass if you sit on it. weak. this sucks. what do i do. help. i can't take this anymore. where is mister hankey.
 dumptruck graphic design is dumptruck art is dumptruck conceptualism is dumptruck psychogeography... is post dumptruck neo futurist outsider povera
 i am guilty of buying an old jazz vinyl record just because gus johnson was the drummer .. and that's when i did my research