A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 (1) live spectacularly. (2) document. (3) remix spectacularly. (the zappa recipe)
 is it so wrong to want a triple shot coffee? people too hip for the number 3? not a double. not a quad. a triple shot americano please.
 it quite often happens. right there in the bathroom of a client's office. i hear the music of mumford and sons (on a small weary alarm clock radio thing from the early to mid 1990's sorta hidden behind a generic looking dusty fake plant from the same era)
 the numbness of fame is the same. numbness of idiocy
 the world is full. of so many people... "that you may know"
 wanted to register the gravy.pro domain .. but i would need to have a professional license in gravy .. to be honest i do not know much about gravy .. just wanted to be known online as the gravy pro .. it was just an idea.
 man shall not live on documentation alone
This is not art. This is not science. This is pancakes.
 This is not art. This is not science. This is pancakes.
 i want to grease something with some sort of grease
 not enough of this .. too much of that .. not enough of that .. too much of this