A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

bodega kittens 1bodega kittens 2bodega kittens 3bodega kittens 4bodega kittens 5bodega kittens 6the bodega had kittens!bodega kittens 8bodega kittens 9bodega kittens 10
 the bodega had kittens!
 something u do not know about me .. i like to make cake or pie eating decisions based on geometry because i have a firm theory that the leftovers should have rhythm and balance .. the process can be challengingly subtractive but typically worth the risk
dick dockmy first pulltabsbutter maiden
 minnesota part 1 2 and 3
 romulan bisquits once again this evening its a careless decision that everyohne must barter against after a roll in the hay which is nthing to laugh about when the final curse of jal is upon us lets riase the roof forever
pigeon bagels 1pigeon bagels 2pigeon bagels 3pigeon bagels 4
 pigeon bagel photo shoot
Shrimp Shoot 01Shrimp Shoot 02Shrimp Shoot 03Shrimp Shoot 04Shrimp Shoot 07Shrimp Shoot 08Shrimp Shoot 09Shrimp Shoot 10Shrimp Shoot 06Shrimp Shoot 11Shrimp Shoot 12
 Sidewalk Shrimp Shoot
 i am resting comfortably in front of the NYSE eating a sandwich but if it were a 6 foot long sandwich then i would certainly arouse federal suspicion
hogansville waffle house 1hogansville waffle house 2hogansville waffle house 3hogansville waffle house 4hogansville waffle house 5hogansville waffle house 6
 My first and only Waffle House photo shoot (Hogansville, Georgia)
regular frillsthe beer island killerscombos kittychinese moviesfinger in your eyecomplete crap1988patate fellowmedia transfer service
 my latest nyc mobile photos are just fucking terrible