A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 animals seen (and counted) .. 1 bear, 6 deers, 8 wild ponies, 1 fox and 1 skunk, 2 little mice, 4 wild turkies, 3 grouse, 10 trout, 1 snake, 2 skinks and 7 salamanders
Holy Crap Wild Ponies 1Holy Crap Wild Ponies 2Holy Crap Wild Ponies 3Holy Crap Wild Ponies 4
 ... and then there were wild ponies
 a squirrel falls and dies perfectly balanced on the corner of bank and trestle
Dried ShrimpBig DaddyWhat the Fuck
 don't think about evolution on sundays especially when you've got a hangover
even the mourning doves of nyc got guts
 even the mourning doves of nyc got guts
Someone Tagged a Photo of You
 Someone Tagged a Photo of You
 ill never forget that one album where kermit the frog interviews bernadette peters and ralph the dog sings time in a bottle