A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

Contemporary Campsite 1Contemporary Campsite 2Contemporary Campsite 3Contemporary Campsite 4
 contemporary campsite
Hiking Message Delivery 1Hiking Message Delivery 2
 advanced primitive message delivery methodology
Point NorthPoint EastPoint SouthPoint West
 trail meets road at this point in time and space
Holy Crap Wild Ponies 1Holy Crap Wild Ponies 2Holy Crap Wild Ponies 3Holy Crap Wild Ponies 4
 ... and then there were wild ponies
snow and ice on mount rogers 1snow and ice on mount rogers 2snow and ice on mount rogers 4snow and ice on mount rogers 5snow and ice on mount rogers 6
 my hike begins with snow and ice
 a squirrel falls and dies perfectly balanced on the corner of bank and trestle
 killer pancake bruffuss with local buckwheat and syrup in comic sans .. hiker named hickory departs
 damascus virginia, creekside, etc
 couch surfing and grey hounding in lynchburg va