Project»Oh. Yeah. I. Love. You. Baby. (remix)


These sound samples were curated together and made into music by the artist Marisa Olson for her project Oh. Yeah. I. Love. You .Baby. She says she created the music because these words are "...the greatest hits of lyrics in pop music. I wanted to make songs that consisted solely of those words..." Well I love her idea, love her sample curation, and her mixes! This is a beautiful set of data she's created - I don't think you can pack more cultural information in such a small space. Since she offered up the curated samples for remixing purposes, I thought I would give it a try. My software randomly pulls from the samples then loops/collages them together, all in realtime here in the browser. Due to the very short length of each sample (about 1 second or less), they were rather challenging to work with. So difficult in fact, that I fear my final algorithmic remix is barely listenable, something like the antithesis of pop music.