Project»NYC on a Megapixel Budget

i met pee-wee herman

Here are a bunch of photos that I took in New York City and posted to Facebook using a cheap Samsung R451C mobile phone. I suppose any artist who moves here has one of those cheesy "hey look at me I live in NYC now" type projects, and I suppose this is mine, as well as perhaps a "hey look at me I hang with Pee-Wee Herman now" type project. Anyways I took these photos throughout 2010 and would post them (via email) to Facebook as they came each week. I eventually began to post them in triplets because I liked how Facebook would place your 3 most recent photos onto your wall (in reverse order). You know what I mean, like this:

facebook wall photo thumbnails

So by organizing the photo uploads into triplets I began to create mini-fictions with them. This practice continues to this day here on my website in the Points section which you can more easily see by walking the Combo line. Anyways, this cheap Samsung camera did not have a flash on it and only took pictures at 1-megapixel. These limitations led me to believe that 640x480 is truly beautiful. The "toy digital" aesthetic. Weird lighting effects, graininess, darkness pixelation, gradient artifacts, etc, and you never have to crop or resize because its perfect for posting as-is to the world wide web! As you'll see below the Samsung also had a glitch where the "send photo" software would often cause the first and/or last rows of pixels to go all crazy, but I didn't let that bother me too much of course. In December of 2010 I finally got an Android smartphone with a 5-megapixel flash camera, but after taking a few photos with it I dialed the resolution back down to 640x480 and happily shoot at that resolution still today. So for better or worse here they are, sorted in roughly chronological order: