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This software democratically curates an endless art show of found digital photographs. Using an algorithm that prioritizes both a consistency of form and a variation of content, it generates a pulse of the world. The algorithm uses the popular google-api to search in real-time for photos of various camera types: sony, canon, kodak, casio, nokia cell phones, etc. While a few other artworks and websites use similar search engine technologies and algorithms to locate random images, Photo Noise is unique for its non-interactive simplicity and passivity. Referring back to traditional experiences of media and art viewing (television, radio, gallery walls and floors) it attempts to bridge the gap between passive experience and a cumbersome network containing billions of pages and images. Typical access to this information requires one to do various activities such as to navigate, search, find, choose, look, think, possibly go back, close a window, click again, search, change options, type again, click, choose, close, click, search, open, and view and click. It has even been theorized that the amount of mental effort to locate and filter such information, sometimes outweighs the benefits of the findings. Photo Noise invites you to sit back and relax as the photographs made by the people in your world come and go.