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Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 4:49 PM in the News & Stuff section

no writing on the wall

"Lo00oK", animated photo-gif-thing, 2012

So recently I realized that I had been making stuff while in bathrooms, or at least making stuff about bathrooms. A little Toilet Art never hurt anybody, and if it does then who gives a poop shoot. I did not plan in any way shape or form on dealing with toilet culture, as this new men's room media occurred spontaneously, naturally, refreshingly; like a pine scented, dew covered, alpine spring morning. This organic drupal dumping of content is my latest strategy of strategies, the tactical idea of which is to make stuff daily as it comes, in small easy to digest chunks, without thinking too much in advance about where when or why, just blowing. A reduction of intellectual contrivance, a wooden handled plunger to the inherently contrived nature of my chosen medium (compoopers). The pudding is in the proof of the poop from pudding! It's not that I necessarily need to demystify technology art by hiding out in the restroom, but that I necessarily doo *want* to. And to investigate how it leaks in and out of everyday life, and to experiment as usual with the least amount of technology required to make decent digital defecations of the brain. So this is not a project, not a process, probably not even an endeavor. **it just happens. Auuhhh time for a courtesy flush...

photography while peeingThe animated GIF I posted above called Lo00oK is one such boy's room post that I like which arose from this photo taken with my mobile smartphone while I was peeing at a pub. Even though it arose from the lowly evacuation of cheap mid-western beers, it seems to open new doors into old landscapes of glitch. But I didn't manipulate this photo while in the public restroom. One morning after bananas, prunes, and coffee, while sitting at my computer laptop machine with nothing better to do I looked on my phone device gadget and found a digital photo graph that I barely remembered snapping a few days prior, and I rotated it and mirrored it a couple times and then altered the brightness/contrast successively with some fancy tweening and lossy manipulation blah blah. Then I posted it here. Shyte, I suppose that basic photoshop work *could* have been performed while standing up at a urinal using a small laptop strapped to my person. But doing that and making a big statement out of it would probably have been so fucking contrived and lame. I always want to counter potential lameness with counter-potential lameness. Smart, right?

Today there exists a handful of other such washroom posts categorized into a "line" of "points" here. (i am toying with the idea of making all the "lines" on the points page bloggy-formatted like that) In that bathroom line you'll smell more animated-photo-gif type things, mini-galleries, thoughts, etc. I could digress here further on some of those hindsightedly-related bathroom points, but that feels overbearing. I wouldn't want to flush away the mystery with my meta-flatulence. After all, since I don't show in physical galleries anymore... THIS IS MY LATEST ART SHOW. So stay tuned for more of this sort of keeping-it-regular type thing. It is destined to happen. Art. Life. Content. "Mierda!"

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