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Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Thursday, October 4, 2007 at 8:56 AM to the Conclusivity Blog
Holy shit
This is searchable text
And it is poetry too
Samantha brown fox shoehorn babydoll padding
The results of which yield:
hunger samantha torres bio samantha model com ranson samantha samantha
and even:
69 Women 69 V 69 Anthony 69 headed 69 cognitive 69 extreme 69 brown 69 Texan 1 elector 1 keel 1 Griff 1 shoehorn 1 reapplies 1 Lamp 1
The meaning of which is not known
But what is known is that now someone might accidentally find my art slash poetry
A question remains:
Will the the poetry communicate to them
Or will it be considered garbage to be ignored slash forgotten
I lie awake at night, wondering about these sorts of choices
I think the consumer is forced to deal with his/her filter
Their filter may or may not be adjusted as a result
The filter controls content exploration
This filter management is then experience
This text is so far mostly explanation of the poetry and not the poetry
The results of which yield:
The poem does not simplify
A poem is not a football shaped like a cucumber
This is not a poetry salon
And (as often complained) there's not enough poetry in the kernel
And so forth
This is very very good poetry
I like this poetry dot com dot org dot net paris hilton stylez
Oh please don't give up
You might miss something important or life-changing
Or you might not
Only you can decide
The result of which yields:
But again, only you can decide whether you think A.A. is for you
Try to keep an open mind on the subject
If the answer is YES, we will be glad to show you
The best freshest vinyl - for collectors, connoisseurs, and the obsessed everywhere visit
Wrong dates? Next in thread: Re: Only you can decide what to ignore
Do you really want someone else to tell you what to do in your career choice
Only you can decide if your interracial love will stand the test
This vegetable dish can easily double as a
You can decide today what your CMS/VLE of tomorrow will be
How can I expect you to keep reading this information
It is really not very reasonable
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