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Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 11:52 AM in the News & Stuff section
facebook island

Still hacking away at creating my own private Facebook here called Points. They are sort of a cross between a blog post and a status update and a flashlight. I don't like Facebook much but admittedly got addicted to posting content in that style. Daily life on my little island here has been somewhat lonely so I just finished building a thatched bamboo commenting roof to the Points. Its not that I think my points are so terribly interesting, nor that I'm trying to build a massive tweety followship with them, but I am pretty much saying "fuck facebook" (and twitter while we're at it) while actually doing something about it. View some Points or don't. Leave a comment, or don't. But please DO spend more time away from the Faceland... its a big web out there teeming with life.