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Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 8:22 PM in the News & Stuff section

        2012 webby awards winner

A few months ago I was very happy to learn that a website which I worked on and launched as lead engineer won a 2012 Webby Award for Best Community Website! Cancer is something of a dirty word, and the website takes that bull by the horns, providing a new experience for those who may feel victimized and helpless. While not the only honor/award given to the I Had Cancer project, I see this as "kind of a big deal" for everyone involved, especially considering the competing sites in this category included Tumblr and Flickr. Please note this was not my project, I was a hired Lead Drupal Consultant and my involvement is documented at the project page. Software developers rarely get credit for what they do, thanks to a completely unorganized and unregulated software industry, so for now we have to give ourselves the pat on the back. And I recommend more software developers do just that... ain't no shame!