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This was my first Internet art project. It was a nonsensical homepage spoof about an underground animal-alien society, which may or may not have been just a canvas, an excuse to learn the craft and rant, share links, collaborate with friends, BE on the web. Although at the time I truly was a member of the "First Church of Appliantology" founded by L. Ron Hoover. When I made the site I had no fucking idea what I was doing. (act first think later) Yet it ended up containing all the usual HTML suspects like server-side image maps, mail forms, javascript rollovers, sponsor banners, and custom buttons, wallpapers, animations. The website was lost for many years but discovered that the Wayback Machine at had preserved the only existing copies. In 2009 I reconstructed this strange beast of a website and gave it the domain name that it always deserved.

The whole 'viaatant' idea grew out of discussions with a friend named Ronnie Diamond who met one while traveling abroad. Additional contributions in concept/material came from co-conspirators Andy Tegethoff, Brian Womble, and Trevor Thornton. ZZZZHHHHHTTTTTT.

Below is the antiquated meta keywords tag that the site used which I remember I had stolen verbatim from an early Church of the Sub Genius site. These tags really worked back when there were only a few million webpages on the net and search engine bots, spiders and crawly things blindly sucked the meta tags right in and I used to get all kinds of outrageous emails from angry christians and conspiratorial whatnots. Yes folks I've been spoofing search engines like a damn fool since '96...

<meta name="keywords" content="Conspiracy Government Sex, Christian Nudity, Erotic Sports, Conservative Psychedelic Deviant Free Products, Money Pictures Pornography, Science Fiction Breast Philosophy Hobbies, Religion Politics Cult Limbaugh, Bob Dobbs New Age Drugs Health, Illuminati Bulldada UFO activism, 12th Planet, Abductee, Absolute Zero, Acupuncture, Addiction, Admiral Byrd, Admiral Forestall, Africa, After Time, Aging, AIDS, Akashic Records, Alexander, Alien, Alternative 3, American Indian, Annunaki, Antartica, Antichrist, Apollo 13, Arab, Armageddon, Archetypes, Area 51, Ashtar, Assassination, Asteroids, Asteroid Belt, Astronauts, Astronomy, Atlantis, Atmosphere, Auras, Auroras, Auto-Immune Diseases, Aviaty, Awakening, Barbara Marciniak, Belgium, Bermuda, Bermuda Triangle, Betty Andreasson, Betty Hill, Big Bang, Bigfoot, Bill Cooper, Billy Meir, Binary Suns, Biorhythms, Black Hole, Body Language, Bon, Brain, Brain Waves, Bramley, Brazil, Budd Hopkins, Cancer, Capitalism, Career, Carnivors, Cataclysm, Cayce, Celestine Prophecy, Chakras, Channel, Chi, China, Chupacabras, CIA, Cloning, Close Encounter, Coapies, Coma, Comet, Commander X, Communion, Computer, Confederation, Contactee, Continental Drift, Coral Obelisk, Cosmic Voyage, Council of Nine, Council of Worlds, Cover-up, Creativity, Crime, Crop Circles, Crop Failure, Crystals, CSETI, Cult, Dark Matter, Death Sentence, Deja Vu, Democracy, Democritis, Density, Devil, Dino, Dinosaur, Dimension, Disinformation, DNA, Dogon, Dolphins, DOMA, Dragons, Dreams, Dr. John Mack, Dulce, Earthquake, Early Man, Easter Island, EBE, Ebola Virus, Einstein, El Dorado, Element 115, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Elves, End Time, Enlightenment, Ephemerides, Etheric Grid, Evolution, Exorcism, Fairy, Faith Healer, Fate, FBI, Fear, Fire in the Sky, Fish Farm, Galaxy, Ganesh, Gangs, Genetic Engineering, Ghandi, Ghosts, Government, Gravity, Greys, Gulf Breeze, Gypsy, HAARP, Hale- Bopp, Harvest, Health, Helicopter, Hindu, Hippocratic Oath, Hitler, Homosexuality, Horoscope, Humor, Hybrids, Hydroponics, Hypnosis, ID4, Implant, Incarnation, India, Indonesia, Interstellar Travel, Intuition, IQ, John F. Jennedy, Jonah, Karma, Kecksburg, Landing Sites, Language, Levitation, Lightning, Lightworker, Loch Ness Monster, Love, LSD, Lyra, Lysa Royal, Ma-Di, Magnetic Field, Marilyn Monroe, Marriage, Mars, Martin Luther King, Mass Landing, Mayan, Mathematics, Mayan Calendar, Meditation, Mediteranean, Men In Black, Meteors, Methane, Mexico City, Millennium, MJ12, Money, Montauk, Moon, Mourning, Mu, Multiple Personality Disorder, Music, Mutilations, NASA, Nazis, New Age, Near Death Experience, New Word Order, Nirvana, Nordic, Nostradamus, Nuclear, Numerology, Oahspe, Ocean, Oil, Oklahoma City, Oort Cloud, Orbit, Orion, Omnipotent Krlll, Out-Of-Body, Pain, PCB, Philadelphia Experiment, Photon Belt, Planet X, Pine Gap, Pleiadean, Pole Shift, Politics, Pollution, Poltergeist, Polynesia, Possession, Power Outage, Pranayama, Praying Mantis, Pregnancy, Premonitions, Prime Directive, Prison, Prophecy, Psychic, Psychosis, Pyramid, Quarantine, Races of Man, Red Book, Red Sea, Reincarnation, Reptilian, Right to Know, Rituals, Robots, Roswell, Rotation, Rules of Engagement, Sadism, Satanic Ritual, Satellite, Scapegoat, Science Fiction, Secret Government, Seth, Shaman, Shasta, Sighting, Sirian, Sitchin, Skywell, Society, Sociopath, Sodom and Gomorra, South America, Space Ship, Space/Time, Sphinx, Spirit Guide, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Star Child, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Statistics, Stonehenge, St. Germain, Subatomic Particles, Subconscious, Subterranean, Suns, Super Conductors, Tarot Cards, Technology, Telepathy, Telsa, Theosophists, Tides, Time Travel, Tower of Babel, Transformation, Trojan War, Tunguska, UFO, Unified Field Theory, United Nations, Universe, Urantia, Vampire, Vectors, Vedas, Velikovsky, Venus, Victim, Violence, Visigoths, Voodoo, Vortex, Walk-in, Washington Monument, Wealth, Weather, Werewolf, White Brotherhood, White Buffalo, Whitley Strieber, World War III, X-Files, Yeti, Yin-Yang, Yugas, Zeta Reticulan, Zoo.">