Project»Maybe Shrimp Scampi


Tried to start a shrimp scampi tumblr last year but pretty much failed


When you do a google image search for the words shrimp scampi the results are 99.99% color photos of plates of shrimp scampi, as if there was no other way for people to conceptualize the words shrimp scampi. I started the Maybe Shrimp Scampi tumblr with the notion that the posts were going to be photos of menus and other shrimp scampi metadata, instead of the typical food porn, in hopes of eventually influencing the google image results. After one photo post I felt that the project was complete, leaving the social and SEO concerns on the cutting room floor. I've now coined this as monocontent... a singular unit of content living inside a system designed for multiples. A simple concept *weakens* through repetition.