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Ask Momtourage is a website Q&A tool that I built as a lead Drupal development consultant for NBC Digital Works in New York City. The idea was to have a resource for all the Moms of the world to have a place to ask other Moms for advice. Moms could do this by creating a profile either on the Momtourage website or through a free Ask Momtourage iPhone App.  With your profile you could track all your past questions and answers easily. Any anonymous visitor could browse, search, and view the questions and answers without a profile. Thousands of questions have been asked and answered on a wide range of topics, so hopefully your Mom got some cyber-assistance!

When I came on board this project the blog portion of the website had already been launched in beta, but the developer had gone AWOL. I took the helm and immediately fixed bugs and added features to many areas of the website including the home page, search pages, article pages, comment sections, etc. Then I began building the Ask Momtourage tool from scratch. For the website version I handled all the back-end PHP coding and the front-end theming, while another team worked on the iPhone App. The two systems shared the same data so I built a back-end API for the common code relating to member accounts, question/answer CRUD, and push notifications for the App. Creating a tool with two front ends made the project much more challenging! Extra thanks goes out to Drupal dude Alex Ross for help and guidance.


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