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Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 1:41 PM in the News & Stuff section

cy twombly cy twombly cy twombly

Earlier this week I submitted a short audio poem about the recently deceased painter Cy Twombly. The Dead Hare Radio Hour was seeking input via voice-mail for their latest show about mister Twombly. I greatly enjoyed the show which included thoughts, poems, and interviews including one with John Waters, and was more than delighted when I heard host Chris Albert remix my hastily scribbled poem. As it turned out the show's voice-mail number was connected to "Google Voice" which then tried to transcribe it. As I repeated only the words "Cy Cy Cy Cy Cy" over some jazz music, Google claims my poem was the following:

All right
Last night...
All right all right by 5% write back.
By clients
Side by side
Technical bud

If you would like to hear these poems then HERE is the original recording and then HERE is the version that Chris made and HERE is the entire episode #17 on Cy Twombly. This may or may not have been all that relevant to the Cy Twombly conversation but what the hell. Thanks Cy and Chris and gVoice, and be sure and check out The Dead Hare Radio Hour for more broadcasts/podcasts!