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Steamin' Cup o' Joe Steaming Cup of Joe Psychedelic Punk Tallahassee Florida

I was a founding member and drum animal of this rock and roll band from Tallahassee FL and later Atlanta GA. 1990-1995 R.I.P. We were 18 year old, media-overloaded kids sharing our intense visions through original psychedelic indie prog punk jam metal music. (some context) At one point we were 'signed' to Baloney Shrapnel Records (GG Allin, Antiseen) and did a couple releases with them. Almost everything on this page has been sitting untouched in a closet for 15 years, aging like a fine cheese. SCOJ, meet the Internet... Internet, SCOJ. Hope you enjoy.

All music written and copyrighted by Steamin' Cup o' Joe...
Trevor Conn vocals
Justin Boone guitar
Steven Read drums
Jeff Brennan bass/violin
Brian Womble minister of information

Music Releases:

"Steamin' Cup o' Joe" (self titled)
7-inch vinyl record.  1991.
Buns o' Steel / Baloney Shrapnel Records.
Recorded by Tommy Hamilton at Georgia Street Studios.
Cover art by Dean Plantamura.
Jizzday Blooz
Vomit Song

"1 Lump Or 2"
Demo cassette tape.  1990.
B Theme
Red Lettuce
C'mon Now
Vomit Song
Breakin' Wind

"A New World of Happiness"
Cassette tape.  1992.
Recorded by Tommy Hamilton at Georgia Street Studios.
Cover art by Steven Read, Trevor Conn, and Trevor Kittinfish Thornton.
Breakin' Wind
Garden Fresh
Cannabis Vulture  (and version from a split 7-inch)
Ass Full o' Led
Behind the Green Calves o' Bill Bixby (dedicated to our friend Marshall Ledbetter)

"Brainwashed to Serve Devil"
Cassette tape in 1993.  Compact Disc in 1994.
Recorded by Tommy Hamilton at Georgia Street Studios.
Cover art by Brian Womble.
Showing Obsession
Mr. Tstiph
Pork the Lord
Daze o' the Weak
Love Gift

"Live at the Club Down Under"
Tallahassee FL, late 1991 or early 1992.
Goddess (Brian Womble vocals)
Daze o' the Weak
Showing Obsession
C'mon Now (first half of song)
Vomit Song & Thank You


Performing Raphleezia live in Tallahassee Florida at the Cow Haus, Fall 1993. (Rafflesia is a type of foul smelling flower known as the 'rotting corpse flower') Audience members join in the rage and destroy a computer on stage using a large bedpost. Danny from the about-to-be-formed band Cream Abdul Babar finally knocks out the vocals.

More videos from this concert here


Press Photo:

This was our "professional" press/bio photo we did in 1995 in Atlanta. We setup various props and then performed a very drunken messy spaghetti feast for the shot. Dan Kohler on the far left, had replaced Jeff Brennan on Bass for the duration of our time in Atlanta.

Show Photos:

Only a few live performance photos have surfaced thus far. These are from a couple of the last shows we ever did - in Atlanta with Dan Kohler on bass guitar. Watermelon Man == Brian Womble.

Show Flyers: