Project»NYC on a Megapixel Budget (Part 2)


This is a custom display of points in chronological order from when I lived in New York City for most of 2010 and 2011. (no longer live there so this series is complete) Most of the photos were taken with an HTC EVO Android phone camera. This handy little sucker is rated at 8-Megapixels and has 2 flash LEDs. However I dialed the resolution all the way down to 640x480 (standard format) or sometimes 640x384 (widescreeen). I likes the "toy digital" low-budget cheepnis! The photos were only rarely resized or edited in Photoshop, and never cropped - these are straight from the camera. The photos were posted to my website here in singles or in various combination sets. Sometimes the combos suggest a narrative through haphazard juxtaposition, a game of stringing together the best of only the most recent ones. Some combo sets are more formal, forced constructions. And some are photo shoots. Certain photo shoots that stuck with me were later assembled into animated GIFs. Occasionally I would even shoot a video, but I prefer the limitations of low-res photography along with the structural plasticity that comes from posting/displaying/archiving batches of them online through custom software. If you can stomach the big apple in my eye then there are 4 pages to click through...

F#%$! this D&@$! and M#$#!&%$$@ G%#$&#%$ S$!*& art B#@%#!!?
 F#%$! this D&@$! and M#$#!&%$$@ G%#$&#%$ S$!*& art B#@%#!!?
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