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Chronological list of the best of my early paintings from 2002 and 2003 when I first "seriously" picked up the paint brushes as a 30-year-old software developer burnout. I think all those years of coding software caused my mind to work in this weird mode... let's call it blunt abstraction. Or even reverse abstraction. Start with a reduced abstract idea/model, and proceed by turning that into a real world thing, with the final result being not all that "real" anyways.

one left painting

One Left. 24" x 18". Oil on canvas. 2002. Known by friends as "that french fry clouds" painting. A grid pattern was laid down and intersected by broad diagonal lines which were obscured through an alternation of the visibility within each square in the grid.

bloomdido painting

Bloomdido. 18" x 24". Oil on canvas. 2002. Botany meets video games meets drum rudiment patterns?

exotree painting

Exo-tree. 24" x 30". Oil on canvas. 2002.

steel pipe with flowers painting

Steel Pipe with Flowers. 16" x 20". Oil on canvas. 2002. No one can never say that I did not make a "still life with flowers" type painting.

3way painting

Untitled (3-way). 9" x 12". Oil on board. 2002.

cubensis painting

Cubensis. 12" x 16". Oil on board. 2003.

schoolyard_assemblage painting

Schoolyard Assemblage. 18" x 24". 2003. Oil and found trash on canvas. Went to a park behind a school near my house where I was going to do a landscape painting but I got bored with that effort and started to look at the trash on the ground and then somehow this is what happened.

red still life painting

Red Still Life. 14" x 20". Oil on board. 2003.

boss battle painting

Boss Battle Level 1. 14" x 28". Oil on board. 2003.

tape city painting

Tape City. 24" x 36". 2003. Acrylic on board. I believe this was my first acrylic painting, after having tried oils for a couple years. I was instructed to use masking tape for a "hard edge abstraction" assignment, and decided to use the tape as a concept. The final piece has no actual tape on it... the masking tape was only used during the process to obtain some hard edges (as instructed).