This is an art website I built with CodeIgniter a very powerful database-driven PHP web application framework. I initially had some big ideas as to what DASABATE.COM could/would be. So I reviewed the basics of coding the framework, got it installed, configured, and initialized with two minimal but appropriately functional pages. Then I got sidetracked and never did anything more with the website. A while later, I realized my procrastination was good fortune because nothing more was needed. A fully functional content art website already existed, comprised of materials such as...

  • mvc design pattern
  • object oriented code
  • relational database
  • and most importantly.....
  • a content type design (id and title)
  • a piece of content
  • content listing page
  • content detail page

What more could I ask for. THIS is conclusivist content art at its leanest and meanest. So here it is the final complete DASABATE.COM