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Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 2:23 PM in the News & Stuff section

content art threads system diagram 254c


I have been building out a new website feature here I am calling Threads. So far I have made just one Thread entitled content art. For a year or two I have been tossing around these words content art to describe my creative practice, which is crafting, posting, and organizing web content. I have hesitated to give content art a more formal definition, and so until further notice I now declare this new content art thread to be the definition of content art. As you'll see, even this post is included there. Its all additive. I have thousands of chunks of content data here at, defined and structured in various ways, but the content needs more cohesion. The main goal of Threads is to weave together content of any type into one idea at one place. After seven years of adding content to this site, until now I have not had an easy way to associate content of different types... Projects, Posts, Points (and sometimes Pages).

Each of these content types were designed to have their own taxonomy system (Keywords, Tags, and Lines). As you can see from the diagram above, Threads is a taxonomy for any and all of them. Seems like content management systems such as Wordpress or Drupal should be more focused on content type interplay, but they are not (unless you customize the crap out of them). Almost any site you go to, organizes and displays content only by a singular type. They'll show you a listing of blog articles. An album of photos. An group of status updates. A collection of pages. But that is not reality. Reality is never conveniently segregated like that. Expression comes at different times in different forms. I want more fluid, expressive content, that is loosely decoupled, and active. I want a list of any thing at any time from any place to support any idea. But now I am getting ahead of myself. I have lots more work todo, this is just a baby step. More Thread content and new functionality will come, I just need to dig into the content and spin up new Threads. I have two modes of work: making tools and using tools. Time to be the user!

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