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Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 9:54 AM in the News & Stuff section

militant esthetix

Have been spending plenty o' time lately at the Militant Esthetix website which contains the writings and art of Ben Watson and Esther Leslie from the University of Kingdom. DADA, appliances, Situationism, kaiser rolls, Disney, Zappa, Adorno, Zappa ... this is precisely where I've been coming from, this is it.

street mattress submission with bedbugs from greenpoint

A friend, upon eyeballing one of my facebook mobile uploads, suggested that I submit to the Street Mattress project. I was very pleased when they accepted my photo graph which was snapped a few feet away from my front door. This project has been going for nearly a decade I believe and has over 20,000 submitted photos.

jacket mechanical       jacket mechanical

My brother did gived me a link to Peter Mendelsund and his Jacket Mechanical blog. Wonderful book cover designer. And look - MIA's new shitfuck MAYA album/cover didn't just simultaneously ripoff 69% of 'web 2.0' artists, it ripped him. Oh well. Anybody who designs "War and Peace" jackets is a friend of mine.

oliver laric 787 clip arts

Just LUV this 787 Cliparts piece made by web 2.0 artist Oliver Laric. Its a few years old now (a lifetime in net years) but I hadn't seen it in awhile and well its fast and just great and you might like it too? Loops beautifully too.

black metal christian rock

I like this web art work 69% more than any other: Ying Yangerz by Milton Melvin Croissant III (yes his real name). He told me: "it's just christian rock/folk and death metal teens caught in the struggle for balance. one of the bands is called Morbid Anal Fog!"

[UPDATE: I like Ying Yangerz 86% more than any other web art work ever made.]

aids 3-d forever heat death

A video by AIDS-3D called Forever Heat Death which has been stuck like a broken record in my head ever since seeing it. Stuck like a dirty CD. Awesome. (made a video around the same time which coincidentally visits similar future pasts simultaneously)

tristan perich 1-bit symphony

Just released is a new musically performative electronic art object by Tristan Perich called 1-bit Symphony. Buy 1t n0w!