Post»Some Frozen Microwavable Tele-videos

Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 2:08 PM in the News & Stuff section

Added a few software generated videos that I made in 2006 to my modest vimeo library. 10 videos in total were made in this series and technically speaking they are supposed to be shown on a television inside of a microwave. As depicted on the TV in the Microwave project page it was shown in a gallery in Denver once but didn't sell and is currently missing in action.

Each video was made using a slowly-rotating, generative, custom software algorithm that I wrote by hand with C#.NET code. The somewhat lazy algorithm randomly chooses and places a bunch of squirmy, hand-drawn lines. Images were output in succession of their creation, with the final composition being shown briefly and then 'cooked' into colored static. You can be sure that the generative software art 'scene' in the mid-2000's had no place in their code-materialistic world for this trashy style of con-ceptual generative art. So my generative art practice got even trashier.

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