Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Friday, October 8, 2010 at 7:18 PM in the News & Stuff section
hamburger usb drive    hamburger usb drive

A tasty segue from the previous post here... I am super-satisfied that a video of mine entitled Behind the Green Calves of Bill Bixby Part II is being included in a video project entitled SLIDERS: A Digestible Video Retrospective from the Show Cave Archives curated by Hazel Hill McCarthy III. While both actual and representational instances of both hot\dogs and pizza have made a juicy comeback (both aesthetically and con-ceptually) in recent years within both the arts and entertainment industries, let us not forget the mighty hamburger. SLIDERS will realize its temptational, circular beefiness as a series of screenings in New York City (which I will attend October 22 @ Invisible Exports) and Mexico City, as well as through a limited edition of 10 reasonably priced Hamburger USB drives with lots of amazing artist condiments to choose from.