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Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Friday, January 4, 2013 at 11:13 AM in the News & Stuff section

military secrets exposed - us navy foods database

"Database of U.S. Navy Foods", found military data, HTML reformatted, 2007


Spun up another Thread called Ragged Lists. I have been wanting to assemble these works together for a while now, most were made in 2007-2008 when I was monkeying around with the aesthetics of ragged typographic layouts. This is something I feel we often take for granted. Every day we see, use, or make such lists, which in the western world are typically flush left aka left aligned aka ragged right. Because the elements of the list are of varying length, a rhythm occurs along the ragged edge that is based on the underlying data of the list. The rhythms could be very random, have gradual fluctuations, jumpy, etc. Most of these particular ragged lists are made of weird datas that I like... found text, spam, random dictionary data, or hastily written poems. The longer lists are software generated HTML and CSS, while the shorter ones are handmade. Some of the longer lists become "interactive" when you scroll up or down, an action which tends to accentuate the rhythm of the ragged edge.

If it is the artist's job to find beauty in simple things then here you go. What could be more simple and beautiful than information, existing in a list, with its very own rhythm. It is also the artist's job to communicate this perceived beauty to others, and these ragged lists may or may not be all that successful there, since that wasn't necessarily the goal when making them. They were created while I was going in many directions at once, which is often the case with me, and also the reason I named these collections Threads, not Bricks.