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Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 4:32 PM in the News & Stuff section
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For the past 3 years my home page has been dominated by a gigantic flattened spinning beach ball of death. An animated, anti-aliasing nightmare of pure pulsating color. It was kept there in the spirit of old website splash screens popular in the 90's, which were IMO functionally useless but fun and welcoming. Since tossing up the beach ball in 2008, I have seen more people doing spinning beach ball art and color gradient gimmicks than I would care to admit. I'm losing my edge. I'm losing my edge to the kids from France and London. Well today I am happy (and a bit sad actually) to report to you that it has been archived here and replaced by a new home page design. I'm goin' all pro, yo. Well, besides the fancy thumbnail hover at the top, for now it's mostly a summary aggregation of my main content types: projects, points, and posts. But that is NOT to suggest it was easy to assemble.

Believe it or not when you search google for "artist homepage" I am the 6th hit. The image above is not a joke. Bob Dylan has still got me beat, god bless him, but indeed not fucking Coldplay! (everybody knows they're just boring plagiarists) Gonna need to keep at it but I'm satisfied with where I am today with Steve Or Steven Read Dot Com. I've been working on this website "autodidocumentation" project for 7 years now. I have performed all the design and coding of this site myself, and it's even filled with thousands of chunks of my very own content, wow. Not sure where this is going but hopefully somewhere. These days Mister Steve Or Steven Read isn't much besides an artist homepage. Get out the violin. I am broke. I have few connections and am a reject of every industry and scene in America. Oh shit I am even turning 40 soon. I have no studio/working space and no shows lined up. So I just create web content. Therefore I am. A content artist. Welcome to my new home page!

[UPDATE] 2 weeks later, the redesign of my homepage has caused me to disappear entirely from the google search results for "artist homepage". The promise of new technology. It promises nothing and delivers even less.

[UPDATE AGAIN] 1 week later and now I am the number 3 hit for "artist homepage"! I got above Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan, but now I am confused. This isn't the first time I have obsessed over some silly search terms. In 2007 it was hash browns eggs bacon peas lettuce milk sprouts okra that I was hungry for. I probably need serious medical attention.