Post»Holidaze are HERE!

Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 10:34 AM in the News & Stuff section

Its nearly christmas, hope you are having fun so far with the holidaze time and I hope Santa Claus brings you something real nice! He brought me some things already this year, and I am grateful to him for that. He is a real nice guy. Sometimes.

TV in the Microwave...? I have a new electronic art piece for sale from a new series. It is a video-art-appliance piece, something akin to work from the Color Channel series. It is up at the Rule Gallery along with other works from excellent Denver contemporary artists, this December and January. Photos here soon. Contact Robin Rule at Rule Gallery for more information.

Vague Terrain Magazine has created another fine issue in their magazine that deals with topics of digital art. "Digital Minimalism" is the current theme and it features about 13 visual and sound artists from all over the world. One of those artists I'm happy to say is the dude (that's me). Check it out! In addition to my photos, you can also read a short essay/rant I wrote about the theme and my work. Hats off to Greg Smith and friends at Vague Terrain, and also featured artist Patrick Lichty for his work and writing on "Digital Minimalism".