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Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 8:55 AM in the News & Stuff section
vanilla crisp powerbar in my pants, for seagulls, with love

2009 sucked ass mostly. The best thing that happened was that one time where these Art|Basel|Miami ® visiting seagulls tried to get the PowerBar ® Performance ® Vanilla Crisp out of my pants. But those days are over man, forget it. The seagulls carried me to New York City, to a neighborhood where I'd be stabbed (or complemented) for wearing such teal. But pants aren't really that interesting anymore. Black powerbars in the earholes is what the kids are going for. Welcome home dude - this is not your beach. And where is my?? Without further delay, I end this paragraph of information about a photograph about life about art from last year.

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