Made by Steve Or Steven Read on Monday, December 6, 2010 at 5:53 PM in the Points section
 EX-BRONCOS COACH JOSH MCDANIELS FIRED TODAY!!!!! been calling for the head of this arrogant sycophant for 2 years now ever since he dumped jay cutler .. his wasting of a draft pick on gaytor tim teblow was nothing but salt in the wound .. GO BRONCOS!!!

Hey stevo,
You know who this be
one of your long lost buddies from denver
one hint: I'm a writer and I'm collecting steve read art when I have the cash.
this is a work email
these bronco fans don't take any shit, and they shouldn't with a brand spankin semi-new stadium with seats shittier than the old mile-hi and paying 100 bucks a ticket. If a coach loses just one game he should be tar and feathered and dumped down the platte. Hope they could get a good coach.
but I'm done with the glitz of that shit and watching much hockey since I've been back. Young strong team gets better by the third period. Last game with toronto was amazing. Maybe in NY you can get a few games.
duchene, fleishman, heiduk, stasny, mauldin hello these boys can move.
take a break from those broncos and watch a team worth watching
cheers on all your work with your sight.
keep it ny fresh

 Posted by Anonymous on December 19, 2010 - 12:18pm 

best comment evar. for me it wasn't his losing some games. it was his attitude, horrible tactics and management, bad energy, and those smelly gray patriot-esque sweatshirts he brought over with him from ivy league town. yeah we all know the nfl sucks and hockey is more real but how can we stop watching the greatest sport evar?
 Posted by Steve Or Steven Read on December 21, 2010 - 8:31am