Project»8 Bits of Infinite Contemplation


Contemplation CPU
Contemplation Agent

In this project I outsourced the contemplation of an all-white painting to an old and wise 8-bit computer. The program, written in Apple II Integer Basic, loops infinitely in its task to process and contemplate the large painting. I do not yet know whether it likes the painting, but so far it is doing a good job.

This minimalism contemplation system is comprised of two main components. The main CPU performs the contemplation processing. It also presents the current painting contemplation status to the user in realtime. The second component is the contemplation agent, which is situated directly in front of the painting collecting infinite amounts of data. This visual data is scanned from the bottom to the top and then sent to the CPU for processing. This contemplation agent requires darkness in order to properly scan the all-white painting, which subsequently alters the lighting on the painting surface as seen by the user. As a result, the user may not be able to easily see the painting in this dark setting, but can at least contemplate the computer's contemplation.